Little Guy Games has a few games in development which we are working on and will be releasing soon. More details later but suffice it for now to say that it is based on standard space opera.

In the process, we've developed some tools we would like to share with you. Perhaps you can make use of them. The first we are releasing into the wild is a technobabble and chemical compound random generator.

The below tech generator is created in the style of Trek or Star Wars, where you can find some tech babble that kind of sounds like a part you might find in a starship engine or perhaps a basis for new technology in your setting. You know, it could give you something like Spectrum Cloth or Acoustic Gas - whatever you might imagine them to be capable of. We thought you might be able to use this generator for your own projects and so we've made it possible to print them with space for notes.

5 Random TechnoBabble Parts & Compounds

Note: 578.5 Million Technobabble combinations and 37.8 Million Chemical Elements, Compounds and variations currently possible. It is possible that there are some combinations that are trademarked, patented or otherwise unwise to use without doing your due dilligence, so we'll state these are for entertainment purposes only. Most of the chemicals are probably not smart to try to synthesize, either.

This generator presupposes a pulpish science fiction setting wherein:

1. There are potentially millions of different intelligent aliens who, for the most part, share the same kind of basic necessities and motivations as real people do. Not all of them need sunscreen but all generally eat the same kinds of things.
2. In deference to true space pulp tradition, we also hereby assume at least one distant but major local interstellar power bloc which we have christened THE ALLIANCE. This gives the rebels something to rail against and other political powers to compete with on various levels.
3. Further, we assume a semi standardized technology that sees to most living being's basic needs but is not a one size fits all solution to every problem in every place.
4. This generator does not assume any particular stance on alien interbreeding, FTL travel issues, galactic language/communication problems, or any other thorny space opera/planetary romance issues that conflict with our actual scientific understanding at present.
5. You won't find silly results like "thingmajig" or "framistat." Of course, it is possible to get a silly result like "Absorbing Absorber" but there is only a .000007% chance of that happening. Hopefully it won't be too often.

Likely, you will easily understand what a "Anti-Nuetrino Housing" might do, for instance. The generator also has a few non standard things in the mix such as Juice or Gene so some combinations may not seem useful at first. Feel free to rearrange the order of results if you wish; Spectrum Gas and Acoustic Cloth are just as valid. The real point of this is to simply spark ideas for you to expand on.

Technical improvements in random result coding have even led to optional breakdown features and alternate included in parenthesis. No extra charge for this upgrade.

Tip: Feel free to add a planet name, company name, scientist's name or other element from your setting to the front of the phrase. Then you get something like a "Saxson Interstellar Coupling Fuser" which has a number of interesting story possibilities.

=Unnecessary disclaimer: We have not patented Acoustic Gas or Spectrum Cloth. Please do not contact us to ask about or to attempt to purchase these products. Saxson Interstellar only designs and sells custom Coupling Fusers to duly licensed contractors. This website is purely for entertainment and does not necessarily represent the views of the Saxson Interstellar Company.=

In short, this generator is written to fit within your standard space opera base setting. Should your preferred setting include specific themes, particular technologies, technological restraints, color or elements then you'll want to pencil them in.
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